In trauma, the mind is overwhelmed by the traumatic memory.

There is very little point in trying to deal with and resolve the traumatic memories until the client has enough emotional resources to be able to bear and integrate the memories without being re-traumatised.

Most trauma therapists work within a three-phase protocol, and this is also the structure we utilise in long term trauma therapy at the Sheffield Centre.

  1. Containment – working on resources, allowing the client to manage memories and feelings in a more contained and self-sustaining way
  2. Re-processing - the careful working through of traumatic memories, with the client now more able to manage the memories without being re-traumatised
  3. Integration – re-engaging with the self and supported diminishing avoidance of previously frightening situations

For shorter term therapies, and with our increased use of EMDR and particularly Lifespan Integration, the second Re-processing stage can be far less provocative, allowing a shorter and less deep process, but still with excellent results.

Consequently: he who wants to have right without wrong, order without disorder, does not understand the principles of heaven and earth.

He does not understand how things hang together.

Chuang Tsu