Please note: we are a private practice and charge accordingly.

We are working on funding to support discounted fees, but at present charge a full rate for client work.

An initial session normally lasts one hour, and the charge is £60. We do make time for these sessions to last longer, and if they overrun they are charged at a proportional rate.

Our basic rates for psychotherapy are £50 per hour. Generally we see people for one session a week, but in certain circumstances it is adviseable that we see people more than once. If this is agreed, then a reduced sessional rate is usually negotiated. This rate also applied to clinical supervision.

Our rate for EMDR is £60 per hour. Most EMDR sessions last one hour, but in some circumstances it is necessary to arrange a 90 minute session. This is charged accordingly.

Attachment based therapy rates vary, depending on whether they are offered with an adult client, a couple, or parent and child. Please contact us for details.

We are able to offer a limited sliding scale.

These are private rates for individuals. For corporate or health insurance rates please contact us.


Generally our consultancy rates are £75 per hour. Our training rates vary, based on length of training, preparation, number of attendees, and the status of the organisation concerned. Contact us for details.