We are able to offer psychotherapy on a medium to open ended basis. When trauma has been long term and chronic, trust can be a significant issue. A long relationship with a trained, experienced psychotherapist can allow the environment for trust to grow, and this can then allow some of the more specific trauma therapies to be used later on.

We also offer psychotherapy for more general issues.

There can be many reasons for thinking about therapy.

You may find yourself experiencing difficulties with important aspects of your life, with your partner, work, or family.

You may be suffering depression or anxiety, a sense of emptiness or worthlessness, or a growing recognition that you’re just not coping.

You may just feel that even though you can and do cope, you shouldn’t always have to. You may feel, for example, that while your relationships with your work or partner or family are adequate, they’re not fulfilling. You may even recognise patterns in the way these relationships don’t work.

You may just be interested in finding out more about how you have been affected by your life in ways which influence your choices now; you may want to realise new aspects of yourself.

You may find a way of learning about yourself, healing yourself, and enjoying yourself, all at the same time.

Psychotherapy is usually once a week (exceptionally twice) and sessions are for an hour.

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