Accreditation and Business details

Rashida and Steve, founders of Sheffield Trauma Centre, both trained at the Chiron Centre, a UKCP accredited psychotherapy training organisation, and remain UKCP members.

Any therapists or counsellors we are affilited with are either UKCP, BACP or BPS members in good standing.


The Sheffield Trauma Centre is run and administered by Sheffield Trauma Centre Ltd,
Company number 12827004.


Professional Child related services 

Rashida works extensively with adults and children.
After many years working for a charity working with children, Rashida has retained a special interest in Trauma and Attachment work with children, and has had extensive direct experience of working with abuse in families. She is also trained in, and able to offer:
child psychotherapy
Video Interactive Guidance for parents and children
clinical supervision
administering and analysing Adult Attachment Interviews, trained by Pat Crittenden.

We are able to offer these services on a professional basis.  Contact us for surther details.


Insurance, Solicitors and Court-mandated Therapy

It is a central part of our ethical model that we use court mandated and insurance therapies to allow us to offer sliding scale rates for people who need our services but are unable to afford our full chares.

This means that, while we will discuss rates depending on circumstances, we expect to charge £80 an hour for face to face work, and any reports, travel or consultation with other involved parties are also charegeable at £80 per hour.

Please contact us to discuss contracting for these services, or in exceptional services to discuss these rates.



Generally our consultancy rates are £350 per day. Our training rates vary, based on length of training, preparation, number of attendees, and the status of the organisation concerned. Contact us for details.

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