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Lifespan Integration - a gentle and empathic guided therapy, healing trauma and anxiety, strengthening the self

Lifespan Integration engages the innate ability of the body-mind to heal itself.

LI is body-based, and combines active imagination, the juxtaposition of ego states in time, and a visual time line of memories to facilitate neural integration and rapid healing.

During the integrating phase of the protocol, the client 'views' a memory image for each year of his or her life. The Lifespan Integration technique causes memories to surface spontaneously, and because of how memories are held neurologically, each memory which surfaces is related to the emotional theme or issue being targeted.

The resulting panoramic view of the client's life gives the client new insights about lifelong patterns resultant from the past trauma.

Lifespan Integration is also very effective in the healing of various attachment disorders.

This is accomplished through imaginally 're-writing' and 're-living' the early conditions, and integrating the new (positive) feeling states which are generated in the client-therapist dyad.

The empathic and careful presence of the therapist during the LI process helps the internal world of the client to relate differently, reflecting the positive outcome of good, caring parenting, even if that was not present in infancy.