Sheffield Trauma Centre


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Fees for services at the Centre

Please note: we are a private practice and charge accordingly.

We are working on funding to support discounted fees, but at present charge a full rate for client work.

Private Fees

All our sessions cost £60 per hour unless previously agreed.

This includes individual psychotherapy or counselling sessions, supervision and EMDR.
We are able to offer a limited sliding scale.

Insurance, Solicitors and Court-mandated Therapy

It is a central part of our ethical model that we use court mandated and insurance therapies to allow us to offer sliding scale rates for people who need our services but are unable to afford them.

Please contact us to discuss fees for these services.



Generally our consultancy rates are £350 per day. Our training rates vary, based on length of training, preparation, number of attendees, and the status of the organisation concerned. Contact us for details.