The earliest experiences in life, from birth for the first two years, have a profound and lasting effect on us all. The impact is global – our physical, mental, intellectual, social and creative capacity is affected by the early patterns that our developing brain learns through early experience.


People may have had parents with unresolved difficulties of their own, which then impact on their ability to be the nurturing figures they needed growing up.


The ability to cope with life, to have relationships, and to be parents, can all be marred by problematic early life experiences. An unhelpful early childhood, through parental difficulties, early experiences of loss, neglect, or inadequate care, (which can include experiences of local authority care), makes it truly hard to process unhappy and traumatic feelings.


People with these early issues may self-harm, binge on drink, food, or sex, and can have great difficulty in managing relationships, with work colleagues, partners, or children.


Attachment based therapies are deep, complicated therapeutic relationships in which the therapist often guides the client more than in 'normal' psychotherapy.


Attachment work with children is often carried out with both parent and child, helping both the parent, who has struggled due to difficult parenting themselves, and the child, who has been struggling to experience a safe attachment to a loving parent.


This form of therapy is truly life changing, deep, and demanding on both therapist and client. It can be very intense when working with the parent and child, and quite long term when working with an adult.


Attachment theory has been very well researched for some decades, but attachment-based therapies have only more recently been developed.


We offer a variety of attachment based approaches as one of our specialities.

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