About Us

The Sheffield Centre for Trauma and Attachment Therapies was started in 2007 by Rashida Harries and Steve Williams, two experienced psychotherapists who originally trained at the Chiron Centre in Ealing, London.

We are both experienced in working in child and adult mental health, and have extensive experience working with both trauma related therapies – EMDR, 3 phase trauma protocol, Lifespan Integration – and attachment oriented therapies.

We remain the core of the Centre, but also have a range of associated therapists to whom we are able to refer clients if another therapy is more suitable.

Rashida has a special interest in Trauma and Attachment work with children, but also has very wide experience in working with survivors of abuse and general therapy. She has training in therapy within the arts, play therapy, child psychotherapy and clinical supervision.

Steve has a long standing interest in EMDR and associated Trauma therapies, together with experience and specific interest in working with attachment disorders often diagnosed as ‘personality disorders’, and in working with dissociation. He is a member of the European Society for Trauma and Dissociation, and has completed the ISSD Psychotherapy Training for the Dissociative Disorders, Standard and Advanced Courses.