The Sheffield Trauma Centre was started in 2007 by Rashida Harries and Steve Williams, two experienced psychotherapists who originally trained at the Chiron Centre in Ealing, London, and completed training there in 1995.


Our initial training was general psychotherapy - body related, but general.
This means anxiety, depression, relationship issues, self esteem, spirituality, issues around intimacy, body image, sexuality....

Over the years - in fact, quite quickly - we increasingly realised that the root of many - or most - personal emotional difficulties had to do with either very early attachment issues, or (and/or) trauma. 


We have both concentrated on trauma work for many years. We have both trained in EMDR, and carried out post-graduate training in trauma therapy. Both of us worked with children at a specialist school for severely emotionally and behaviourally disturbed children, which added to the depth of our understanding of the effect of attachment issues and neglect. 


We remain the core of the Centre, but also have a range of associated therapists to whom we are able to refer clients if another therapy is more suitable.


Rashida Harries has always specialised in early life trauma since initially training with Babette Rothschild in 1997/8. She is trained in EMDR and Lifespan Integration and currently works extensively with adults and children..
After many years working for a childrens' charity, Rashida has retained a special interest in Trauma and Attachment work with children, and has had extensive direct experience of working with abuse in families. She is also trained in, and able to offer:-
art therapy with children
play therapy


Steve Williams is trained in EMDR, Lifespan Integration and associated Trauma therapies, and has experience and specific interest in working with attachment disorders often diagnosed as 'personality disorders', and in working with dissociation. He has experience in working with male violence, training, and couples therapy.
He is a member of the European Society for Trauma and Dissociation, and has completed the ISSTD Psychotherapy Training for the Dissociative Disorders, Standard and Advanced Courses.

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